Eric M. Fink

201 North Greene Street

Greensboro, North Carolina 27408


Eric M. Fink

Elon University School of Law

Associate Professor of Law, 2007-present

  • Tenure awarded 2012
  • Jennings Professor and Emerging Scholar, 2010-2012

Teaching (2023-24)

Other Courses Taught

  • Administrative Law
  • Business Associations
  • Cause Lawyering
  • Consumer Protection
  • Labor Law
  • Socio-Legal Perspectives


  • Elon Law Review, Faculty Co-Advisor


Journal Articles

“Just When I Thought I was Out …”: Post-Employment Repayment Obligations, with Stuart Lichten, 25 Washington & Lee Journal of Civil Rights & Social Justice 51 (2018)

Union Organizing & Collective Bargaining for Incarcerated Workers, 52 Idaho Law Review 953 (2016)

Sewer Syndicalism: Worker Control in Public Services, 14 Nevada Law Journal 444 (2014)

No Money, Mo’ Problems: Why Unpaid Law Firm Internships Are Illegal and Unethical, 47 University of San Francisco Law Review 435 (2013)

The Virtual Construction of Legality: “Griefing” and Normative Order in Second Life, 21 Journal of Law, Information, and Science 89 (2011)

Law School and The Web of Group Affiliation: Socializing, Socialization, and Social Network Site Use Among Law Students, 27 John Marshall Journal of Computer and Information Law 325 (2010)

Liars and Terrorists and Judges, Oh My: Moral Panic and the Symbolic Politics of Appellate Review in Asylum Cases, 83 Notre Dame Law Review 2019 (2008); reprinted in 29 Immigration and Nationality Law Review 45 (2008); cited in Djadjou v. Holder, 662 F.3d 265 (4th Cir. 2011) and Zuh v. Mukasey, 547 F.3d 504, 513 (4th Cir. 2008)

Post-Realism, or the Jurisprudential Logic of Late Capitalism: A Socio-Legal Analysis of the Rise and Diffusion of Law and Economics, 55 Hastings Law Journal 931 (2004)

Book Note, The Caribbean: New Dynamics in Trade and Political Economy, 28 NYU Journal of International Law and Politics 644 (1996)

Chapters, Reports, & Other Publications

Federal Student Loan Servicing: Contract Problems and Public Solutions, with Roland Zullo, Jobs With Justice Education Fund (2014)

Union and Employee Access to Employer E-mail Systems Under Federal Labor Law, with Stuart W. Davidson, in The CyberUnion Handbook: Transforming Labor Through Computer Technology (A. Shostak, ed., 2002)

Contributing Editor, The Developing Labor Law (P. Hardin, ed., 4th ed. 2001)

Conference Presentations

Stony Brook University, Center for Study of Working Class Life

How Class Works Conference

  • Police Union Contracts & Police Violence Against Civilians (June 2016)

University of Idaho School of Law, Idaho Law Review

Annual Symposium

  • Union Organizing & Collective Bargaining for Incarcerated Workers (April 2016)

ABA Section of International Law

Spring Meeting

  • Unpaid Law Student Internships: Legal & Ethical Issues (April 2014)

UNLV Boyd School of Law, Nevada Law Journal

Workplace & Democracy Symposium

  • Worker Self-Management in Public Services (February 2012)

International Institute for the Sociology of Law

Social Economy Conference

  • Worker Self-Management in Public Services (July 2011)

Southeastern Association of Law Schools

Annual Meeting

  • Panel on Internet Culture and the Law (July 2011)
  • Legal Consciousness in the Second Life Virtual World (August 2010)
  • Panel on Academic Legal Blogs in Scholarship and Teaching (August 2009)

Law and Society Association

Annual Meeting

  • Legal Consciousness in the Second Life Virtual World (May 2010)

Public Talks & Workshops

Incarcerated Worker Organizing Project

  • Union Organizing for Incarcerated Workers: Legal Obstacles and Opportunities (September 2023)

National Society for Experiential Education

National and Regional Workshops

  • Legal Issues in Experiential Learning (2010-2019)

UNC Greeensboro

Alpha Kappa Delta (Sociology Honors Society)

  • Sociology in Legal Practice and Legal Scholarship (April 21, 2017)

Gamma Theta Upsilon (Geography Honors Society)

  • The Place of Place in Law: Law and Geography (April 24, 2008)

Elon Law School

National Lawyers Guild

  • Mass Incarceration & Prison Labor (February 21, 2017)
  • Harris, Friedrichs, and the Implications for Union Organizing November 23, 2015)
  • Corporations and Campaign Finance (September 20, 2012)
  • Citizens United, Corporations, and Democracy (July 18, 2012)

Federalist Society

  • Pros and Cons of a Minimum Wage Increase (November 16, 2016)

Rockingham County Democratic Party

Annual Convention

  • Keynote Address: Taking Democracy Seriously (April 8, 2017)

African-American Caucus

  • Voting Rights in North Carolina (February 18, 2017)

Open Government Coalition/Sunshine Center

  • NC Open Government Law: A Guide for Public Officials (October 22, 2009)
  • Forum on NC Public Records Law (March 20, 2008)

State Employees Association of North Carolina

  • Public Employee Unions and Collective Bargaining (October 17, 2009)

Mitchell Community College

  • The Labor Movement and Labor Law in 2009 (September 8, 2009)

NC/SC Labor and Employment Law

Annual Meeting

  • Family Responsibility Accommodation and Discrimination (October, 18, 2008)

Past Teaching Experience

Stanford Law School, Palo Alto, CA

Lecturer in Law, 2004-2006

  • Legal Research and Writing

St. Joseph’s University/Comey Institute, Philadelphia, PA

Instructor, 1997-2003

  • Labor Law; Negotiations; Arbitration; History and Sociology of the U.S. Labor Movement

Anglo-American College, Prague, Czech Republic

Lecturer, February- October 1992

  • Introduction to Sociology; Economic Sociology; Sociology of Law


New York University School of Law, New York, NY

J.D., magna cum laude, 1997

  • Arthur Garfield Hays Civil Liberties Fellow
  • Journal of International Law and Politics, Symposium Editor
  • Order of the Coif

University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Doctoral Student in Sociology (ABD), 1987-1992

  • Special Fields: Organizations (honors); Economic Sociology

London School of Economics, London, England

M.Sc., Sociology, 1985

  • Thesis: Policing and Riots in the U.S. and U.K.

The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

B.A., Sociology, 1984

Professional Associations

Law and Society Association

Labor Research & Action Network

Labor & Working Class History Association

Working Class Studies Association

North Carolina Bar Association

NC State Bar Ethics Committee, Advisory Member (2011-2013)

Bar Admissions


California (Inactive)

Pennsylvania (Retired Status)


Third Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, Eastern District of Pennsylvania

Middle District of Pennsylvania